Sweesters: Virtual Room

Sweesters: Virtual Room
Directed by Daniel González, Carles Salas
Written by Daniel González, Claudia Laborda, Carles Salas
Produced by Eddadesign, Televisió de Catalunya, Cromosoma
  • Format:  52×2′ (two seasons)
  • Release: 2009
Sweesters: Virtual Room is a 3D animated series of two-minute episodes, produced by Eddadesign, Televisió de Catalunya and Cromosoma. The series ran for two seasons of 52 episodes each and it aired on Nickelodeon Spain, K3 and Rai Sat Smash Girls.
This was the first thing I worked on, right out of film school, and it became and unparalelled learning experience. Within the very flexible framework of the concept (three teenage sisters inside a futuristic virtual chat room, i.e. a blank space), and with 90 seconds to tell a story in each of the episodes, we were allowed a big amount of freedom as writers and directors.
Sweesters gave me the chance to work with great collaborators in the animation and production departments, and to experience over and over again the  process of writing, storyboarding, editing the animatic, overseeing the animation, directing the voice actors, editing and mixing the sound. By the end of the project I had personally written and directed more than 50 two minute capsules.

Now watch some Sweesters. They’re just 2 minutes long!

these are four of the episodes I wrote and directed for the series

Olivia’s Portrait

Season 1, episode 39


Season 2, episode 31

The Sculpture

Season 2, episode 26


Season 1, episode 14