Sé quién eres

Sé quién eres
Created by Pau Freixas
Head Writer Ivan Mercadé
Written by Pau Freixas, Ivan Mercadé, Pol Cortecans, Eduard Sola, Daniel González, Silvia González-Laá, César Vidal
Starring Francesc Garrido, Blanca Portillo, Aida Folch, Àlex Monner, Antonio Dechent, Pepón Nieto, Susana Abaitua, Carles Francino
Produced by Arca Audiovisual, Mediaset España

From his ripped clothes and injured face it seems he has had an accident, but he can’t remember who he is or how he got there. He has no ID on him, no cell phone or anything that can identify him. He has total amnesia.

His name is Juan Elias, a successful criminal lawyer with aspirations of becoming dean of the university and teacher of the most sought after ethics Masters Course in the country. He has a 19 year old son who admires him and a rebellious 11 year old daughter, both from his marriage to judge Alicia Castro. Theirs is a relationship founded on more than just love; it is based on sincerity and complete complicity.

When the police find the wreck of Elias’ car, they also find the cell phone of his 23 year old niece, Anna Saura. She was a student of his and disappeared the same night as the accident. All the evidence seems to imply that Elias killed her. Now he will have to find a way to prove his innocence, even though he himself is unsure of whether or not he’s guilty.