Directed by Pau Freixas, Marta Pahissa, Patricia Font, Paco Caballero
Written by Ivan Mercadé, Patricia Font, Miguel Ibáñez, Blanca Bardagil, Pol Cortecans, Eduard Sola, Èric Navarro, Daniel González
Based on “Dates”, created by Brian Elsley for Channel 4
Starring Bea Segura, Eduardo Noriega, Eva Santolaria, Aida Folch, Biel Duran, Laia Costa, Marc Cartes, Isak Férriz, Jordi Sánchez, Ingrid Rubio, Nausicaa Bonnín

Produced by Arca Audiovisual

Runtime: 13×45 min

Language: Catalan

Every episode of Cites follows two independent dates between strangers, each bearing secrets, fears and expectations of their own and looking for love, sex, or merely somebody to stave off loneliness. After they become acquainted over the Internet, Cites witnesses the tête-à-tête between, among others, a primary school teacher who, with none of her life goals happening on schedule, sees her approaching fortieth birthday as a looming threat, to a young widower with three daughters who hopes to fall in love again, or a girl looking to settle her doubts about her sexual orientation.
Cites is an adaptation of the British series Dates, created by Brian Elsley for Channel 4.