Barcelona, noche de invierno

Barcelona, noche de invierno
Dirigida por Dani de la Orden
Escrita por Daniel González, Èric Navarro y Eduard Sola

Intérpretes Alberto San Juan, Bárbara Santa-Cruz, Miki Esparbé, Monstserrat Carulla, Berto Romero, Alexandra Jiménez, Jordi Pérez, Laura Díaz, Àlex Monner, Clara Segura, José Corbacho

Producida por Playtime Movies, Sábado Películas y El Terrat Produccions

7 nominaciones

Incluidas Mejor película y Mejor guion

It´s Christmas time in Barcelona and the city is brimming with magic and love as director Dani de la Orden reprises his 2014 Festival hit  Barcelona, nit d’estiu in a very different climate.

Carles and Laura have just had their first baby and they’re quickly discovering that three really is a crowd. Meanwhile, Grandma Carmen has some news, and decides that Christmas is the right occasion to tell her family about her new relationship. Adrián and Angel are roommates who share everything, but sharing a girl might prove a little more complicated than they expected. All the while, desperate romantic Oscar has set himself a goal: to have a one night stand without falling head over heels in love; and for Jaume, this night has something special in store, as an unexpected encounter with a mysterious young French woman will bring love back into his life after almost 50 years.

This year, love is back home just in time for Christmas in this fun and festive comedy delight.

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