I, Elvis Riboldi

I, Elvis Riboldi
Directed by Javier Galán
Produced by Peekaboo Animation, Wuji House, Insomne Estudi, Watch Next Media
  • Format: 52×11′
  • Release: 2019


Elvis Riboldi is a good boy with a huge heart who always means well. He’s energetic, optimistic, passionate… he’s full of life! He reflects the joy of being a child… but taken to the extreme. He’s too energetic, too optimistic and too passionate, so things get way out of control. Thus, every time Elvis tries to face a problem, the problem tends to get… bigger.

The whole town of Icara suffers the consequences of living with Elvis. A place where, according to its inhabitants, nothing ever happened until Elvis was born. But now, all sort of things happen: time travels, karaoke, epic fights to death, vampires, musicals, close encounters of the third kind, TV quiz shows, and so on. With Elvis at your side, everything is possible! And messier! And funnier!

‘I Elvis Riboldi’ is based on the successful bookseries of same name written by Bono Bidari, a pseudonym which includes three writers with a long experience in children storytelling – Daniel Cerdà, Jaume Copons and Ramon Cabrera – as well as illustrator Òscar Julve. The books have been published in Spain (La Galera), France (Hachette), Italy (Alphatest), Czech Republic (Mladá Fronta), Poland, Turkey and Latin America.